How It All Started

More than 40 years ago, Steve Evans was handed a faded piece of paper with an old recipe for genuine country sausage on it, written by his father, Bob Evans. It detailed exactly how sausage was made, right after World War II. In those days, sausage was prepared only three or four times a year and shared with family and friends. In fact, the recipe dates back to the late 1940’s, when Bob Evans made sausage for his first restaurant, The Steak House, in Gallipolis, Ohio. When Steve’s parents first started selling sausage, they called their company “Springfield Farms Country Sausage”. Several years later, they changed the name to Bob Evans Farms Sausage.  Steve Evans Sausage is made from that original Springfield Farms Sausage recipe, dating back to 1946. This recipe was his mother Jewell’s favorite, and the one she served at home to Steve and his brothers and sisters.

In 1998 Steve began making the sausage that now carries his name. The flavor of this unique sausage was so appealing, those who tasted it wanted to know when the “next batch” would be made. Handmade batch after batch, Steve honed his skills. Steve started his own sausage company, working side by side with his dad, and his first employees, Jack Camden and Harold Cregor. It should be noted, Steve Evans Genuine Country Sausage is in no way connected with Bob Evans Farms, Inc., and is Steve’s own private sausage production company.

All these years later, you can go back to the time when genuine country sausage was being made by the very people who invented the product. Steve often compares it to getting your fried chicken directly from KFC founder, Colonel Harland Sanders.

Making Genuine Country Sausage is an art that has to be taught and handed down from one generation to the next. Many people think the process is as simple as putting some pork and seasoning together, grinding it up, and ending up with great country sausage. In reality, sausage making requires know-how and finesse. You must understand the art of blending the meat and seasonings at just the right time, and at just the right temperature. Also, there are certain cuts of pork you must not include. It’s a much more complicated process than one might think.
Steve’s sausage is perfectly blended, pattied, flash frozen, then layered into a special box. You can find Steve Evans Genuine Country Sausage in your grocer’s frozen meat display.


Steve’s Current Home – Still on the Farm, so he can help Bring the Farm to Your Kitchen

I had the privilege of growing up down on the farm, learning directly from my father how to make this great country product—authentic country goodness from the folks who invented it. Dad always said, “Never put anything into your sausage that you would not ask your children to eat.” And, so it is. It was a privilege to be raised around such a wonderful work ethic.

My father’s dedication to selling only the best, and making the highest quality product was quite motivating to me. Having learned the real secrets of making this wonderful country product, it just seemed essential to continue on. When you realize that your father invented a food product that did not exist before, and will not continue to exist unless you are the one to carry it on, well—you do look seriously at continuing the legacy.

For me it was an easy decision. Steve Evans Genuine Country Sausage is the best sausage made anywhere today, and I have a standing guarantee, “If my Steve Evans Genuine Country Sausage isn’t the best Country Sausage you have ever tasted, I’ll give you your money back!” Now that’s quite a guarantee! Why don’t you take the Steve Evans Challenge and see for yourself what so many people are talking about?


It’s sort of like getting your fried chicken directly from Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC!

Steve Evans

Founder, Steve Evans Country Sausage